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Has relocated to North Shore, Hawai'i! 

As a childcare consultant, I offer a range of services. From babysitting, tutoring services, and more concentrated one-on-one consulting for those who may need additional support in areas such as social, emotional, or behavioral development. In addition to the basics, I have recently incorporated marketing and promotional services to help businesses reach their target audience through the Simply Play platforms. And lastly, collaborating with local childcare facilities to improve the quality of care for the children. I provide support and guidance to these facilities by evaluating their current practices, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing effective solutions.


The method I found to work best when it comes to child enrichment balances structure and fun. By being silly and incorporating games, jokes, and other fun activities into your lessons, can help students stay focused and motivated, while also building a positive classroom culture.


Being firm and fair can help establish clear expectations and boundaries for students, while also ensuring that everyone is treated equitably and with respect. 


Also, modeling appropriate behavior, facilitating language and literacy development, Identifying sensory experiences and providing opportunities for sensory play, and developing children’s emotional regulation strategies and coping skills to help them manage their emotions and build resilience.


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